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Despite the fact that I closed the workshop over the Easter weekend, I opened up briefly on Easter Sunday to meet David Vlek and Yonghi Yim from Belgium. David offered me two vinyl records with sleeves that he designed and printed in letterpress. Brilliant work! On Tuesday, I was back in the studio to do a 1-day polymer workshop with José Frijns. José brought a stack of different samples of her work, cyanotype, lino prints, dry point etc. We used one of her lino prints on transparent film to make our plate with. A very interesting texture was the result. In the afternoon, we printed her plate on the Vandercook. On Thursday night, Marina Chaccur, Marta Cerdà Alimbau and myself attended a presentation by Lara Captan at café De Bieb, in Amsterdam. An initiative of Letter Exchange Amsterdam. Lara talked about two typefaces that she designed. The first one, Falak for computer typesetting, the second one, Kanat, was made in wood by Rutger Paets. It was a concise, but impressive presentation of both projects, with time for questions and answers afterwards. Keep an eye on Lara's work! And, what a difference with the superficial presentation of a chromatic typeface a couple of weeks ago!
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Last week, just before the Easter break, Diane Rickerby and Martijn Bijlsma came around to finish of their work. Both have a Studio Pass that allows them to use type and presses in our studio. Diane printed four different texts on a large sheet, that was cut to size and scored. Martijn finished a publication, entirely set in Stempel Garamond, with a jacket that was printed in two colours, aubergine and white. Thus it was time to open a bottle of wine and toast to their hard work.
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As promised, something about last weekend's workshop at Atelier t, in Bierbeek (Belgium). A day before the workshop started, Niels Goovaerts and I spent time spring out the inking train on the Korrex Stuttgart and getting the space ready. On Saturday morning, participants arrived from Belgium and the Netherlands and after a short introduction, we all set to work. A small, 8-page landscape booklet was decided upon. The six participants had a page each to fill with type. A title page and a colophon were added to complete the sheet. Typesetting and proofing took place on Saturday, the printing was done on Sunday. After all the printing was done, it was time again for distribution and tidying up the place, but we still had enough time to do a small exercise on letterspacing wood type! We finished this inspiring and at some times 'serious and at the same time joyous' weekend with a good glass of Belgian beer. Plans are there to run a 5-day workshop at Atelier t later this summer…
LetterpressAmsterdam10/04/2017 at 11:56pm
Back in Amsterdam, after spending some time in Bierbeek, where I ran a workshop at Atelier t. More about this workshop and a forthcoming 5-day workshop there soon. I was housed in this lovely De Reu caravan in the garden of Niels Goovaerts and his wife Katleen…
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Voor een weekendworkshop letterzetten op 8 en 9 april aanstaande hebben we nog één plaatsje vrij.

De workshop vindt plaats in Atelier t in Bierbeek, België en wordt begeleid door Thomas Gravemaker (Letterpress Amsterdam).

Meer info krijg je via onderstaand e-mailadres.

Niels Goovaerts

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